Founded in 1912 (Taisho 1).

As a manufacturing and processing company for canvas products, we have received support both in Japan and overseas, including many climbing expeditions (approximately 80 expeditions), scientific research expeditions, Antarctic research expeditions (three countries), and the Alaska Pipeline. ], [Tent Hosono] to this day.

Hosono's canvas products use No. 9 canvas with special waterproofing (paraffin processing) that was used for ship sails, and all processes from cutting to sewing are done by hand.

We do not pursue only "good looks" in all of our products, but we make use of our long-cultivated manufacturing technology for outdoor products that are used under harsh conditions. ”, “Robustness” is thoroughly pursued, so it boasts durability that can be used splendidly even after being used for more than 30 years.



Studio HOSONO's original canvas rucksack, backpack, body bag, etc. From full-scale mountain... 

leather handle

A series that combines canvas bags and leather handles. The unique texture... 

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Commitment to finishing everything by hand

New Products

Introducing the newly published products on Kobo HOSONO site. 

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