User Guide

About your order

About delivery date

At present, all online shopping is [Made to order] unless there is a notation such as "immediate delivery".

Our craftsmen carefully make and deliver the orders received from customers one by one. Therefore, it may take about 1 to 2 months to complete (depending on the congestion situation, busy season, etc.).

We will inform you about the approximate delivery date by e-mail sent from our shop after your order, so please check it.

payment method

  • Credit card (prepayment)
    [VISA, Master Card, American Express, JCB] are available.
    All credit card payments comply with the international security standard PCI DSS* and fully support CVV (security code)*. In addition, all information is encrypted (SSL) transmission, and you can pay directly without going through the store (card information is not retained), so please use it with confidence.

  • Amazon Pay (Prepaid)
    If you use Amazon Pay , you can quickly shop using your Amazon account that is already registered. By simply selecting the payment information registered in your Amazon account, you can complete your order without entering new shipping address or credit card information. After adding the product to your cart, click the " Amazon Pay " button to proceed.

  • Paypal (prepayment)
    If you would like to pay by debit card or bank account transfer, please consider this. (*You can use it even without a credit card.) PayPal is a global standard online payment service used by over 18 million stores in over 200 countries and regions around the world. of security.

  • Apple Pay (prepaid)
    Apple Pay makes it easy and secure to pay. No need to manually enter your credit card information or shipping address.

  • Google Pay (prepaid)
    Google Pay is a service that allows you to safely and easily shop online using the credit card and shipping address registered to your Google account.

  • Other payment methods will be updated from time to time in consideration of safety and convenience.

Shipping policy

About overseas delivery
Currently, we do not accept shipping to overseas. Please note.

About the shipping company As a general rule, Yamato Transport is the shipping company for domestic deliveries. Depending on the circumstances, we may use another company, but please note that we cannot accept the designation of the shipping company.

For shipping charges
For one delivery place, it will be as follows depending on the purchase price and area.
* If the shipping fee changes due to campaigns, etc., it will be subject to that.


  • If the purchase price is less than ¥4,500
    ・Hokkaido, Kyushu, Okinawa area: ¥700
    ・All other areas: ¥550


  • If the purchase price is between ¥4,500 and ¥20,000
    ・Hokkaido and Kyushu areas: ¥1,200
    ・Okinawa area: ¥1,500
    ・All other areas: ¥900


  • If the purchase price is ¥20,000 or more
    ・Okinawa area: ¥1,500
    ・All other areas: Free shipping!

*All prices above include tax


About time zone designation
With Yamato Transport, you can specify from the following time zones. If you have any requests, please fill in the remarks column of the cart.
*We may not be able to deliver within the designated time due to weather or traffic conditions.
* In some remote islands and some areas, it may not be possible to specify the time zone.

Morning / 14:00-16:00 / 16:00-18:00 / 18:00-20:00 / 19:00-21:00

return policy

  • About returns and exchanges
    Due to the nature of the product being made to order, we cannot accept returns or exchanges due to personal reasons such as differences in the image (color, shape, size) or ordering errors. yeah.
    Please be sure to fully understand and consider before placing an order.


  • Defective products
    When the product arrives, please unpack it immediately and check the product. We check our products strictly, but if there is any apparent damage or defect, we will promptly repair or replace the product after returning it to you by cash on delivery.
    Please be sure to contact us in advance from the inquiry page .


  • Precautions
    The products of the workshop HOSONO use natural materials that are prone to individual differences, and each item is produced by hand, so there may be small scratches around a few millimeters, wrinkles on the canvas, and the unique texture of the canvas. We do not consider the so-called "quality and taste of handmade products", such as differences in color and texture depending on the part of the leather, to be defective products.
    Please make sure you fully understand the characteristics of the product before placing an order.


  • When a refund occurs 
    If there is an unavoidable reason for the return or cancellation, we will cancel the payment record after the return is confirmed. However, please be aware that if the cancellation date falls over the closing date of the payment company you use, due to the nature of the cancellation, it may be withdrawn once in the billing month and refunded (offset) in the next billing month.
    * Cancellation, refund method, processing timing, etc. may differ depending on the payment company. Please contact your payment company directly for details. (Since this is a matter related to personal information, we cannot investigate it.)