Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. The length of the left and right shoulder belts of the backpack is different, or the number of holes for length adjustment is different on the left and right?

A1. Since the right shoulder belt has an eggplant hook, the length of the leather belt is different on the left and right, but the total length including the hook on the left and right is the same.
For the same reason, the right leather belt has 4 holes and the left leather belt has 5 holes. The 5th hole from the bottom on the left side is not a hole that is originally used, just for the balance of the design.

Q2. How to use the eggplant hook attached to the right shoulder belt of the backpack?

A2. The original purpose is to carry heavy luggage comfortably. If you remove the eggplant hook, bring the shoulder belt over your shoulder, and hang the eggplant hook, you can carry the backpack without turning your shoulders.
There are many other ways to use it, but if you don't need it, it is possible not to attach it if you tell us when you place an order for production. In that case, the left and right leather belts have 5 holes, so 5 levels of adjustment are possible.

Q3. Is it possible to change the length of the shoulder belt of the backpack?

A3. If the regulated belt is too short, you can replace the leather belt with a longer one (approximately 10 cm longer).
If it is in the state before use, it will be exchanged free of charge, and if it is used, it will be exchanged for 1,575 yen (tax included).

Q4. Will the color fade during use? (About fading)

A4. Although the product is manufactured under thorough inspection and control, the color may fade slightly due to friction, water, sweat, etc.

Q5. Will water seep in on rainy days? (About waterproofness)

A5. By passing liquid paraffin through and sucking it into the texture and threads, water and dirt cannot enter the fabric (paraffin processing). The effect of paraffin processing lasts for more than 10 years. Do not use waterproof spray as it can stain.

Q6. Can it be washed if it gets dirty? (How to remove dirt)

A6. Dirty parts of the canvas should be soaked in water and washed off with a brush or the like. Avoid getting the leather part wet. Also, avoid using solvents or detergents. Allow to dry sufficiently (preferably dry in the shade).

Q7. About repair

A7. All parts of all products can be repaired, such as frayed sewing threads, torn fabrics, and broken metal fittings.

*If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.